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I PARCHI LETTERARI ® (Literary landscapes)
At times we may chance to dream of taking a stroll through the pages of a book, but what would you say if there were an entire Literary Landscape all around you that could once again evoke those feelings, those same sweeping vistas, ruins, palazzi, sounds or tastes right out of a literary work you read at school or rediscovered years later?
I Parchi Letterari® are journeys and itineraries through the places where the great writers lived and found their inspiration. Cities, our local piazza, certainly, but also the landscape and countryside have become part of our cultural and environmental heritage to be protected, appreciated, and made available to visitors as a kind of journey into literature and memory, through cultural activities and imaginative events conceived for the purpose of letting people get to know writers and their places of inspiration.
The idea is to bring back the memory of many great writers by taking journeys of the senses; to let us feel, taste, hear, touch and see the surroundings that led the author to write pages of literature for the ages. I Parchi Letterari® make it possible to get to know a writer as a human being: his or her qualities, defects, weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and in so doing bring the author closer to the reader.
What makes a Parco Letterario® is the people who provide a warm welcome, guided tours, special performances; a setting for activities featuring food and wine as well as artisans. This is an ideal instrument for the protection and promotion of our land and for the interconnection of activities aimed at the preservation, promotion and protection of our cultural, natural, and intangible assets, and as expressions of our cultural diversity, in line with the UNESCO Conventions on this subject. In this way, too, literature becomes a means to protect the beauty of nature, considered as it is to be a place for inspiration; an innovative approach that, through authors, interprets the nation as a whole, with its environmental, historic, artistic resources and the traditions of its ancient and contemporary peoples.
I Parchi Letterari® are a network of interesting places for their cultural, historic and architectural importance and an appeal to identity also under an economic and social profile. The goal of the Parchi network is that of associating the elements of excellence present on the territory (cultural, productive and environmental aspects) to a coordinated network aimed at protecting and correctly using the cultural landscape, in addition to preserving and enhancing the local cultural and productive identities. Divulging the beauty of these places helps to create parallel activities on the territory from an economic point of view, increasing employment opportunities especially for the younger generations. These places are interesting from a historic point of view as well and frequently, wonderful from a landscape point of view.
I Parchi Letterari® network depends on the Dante Alighieri Society, which for over a century has promoted and disseminated Italian language, art and culture, both within Italy and worldwide, using an information system to reach every continent. Africa, America, Europe, Asia and Oceania can all count on the tireless efforts of the “Dante Alighieri” centers’ volunteers, providing not only Italian language classes, but also an array of events designed for the thousands of members and students who are enamored with our Italy and are eager to learn about all aspects of Italian culture, ranging from figurative art to music, sports, film, theater, fashion, and of course, literature.
Dante Alighieri Society members are not just Italians or descendants of Italian emigrants keeping close to their roots, but also foreigners who are passionate about our history and culture, who plan to visit the Bel Paese, or those who appreciate the exquisite quality of the Italian lifestyle, our culture, and all things Made in Italy.











I Parchi Letterari®
Società Dante Alighieri
Piazza Firenze, 27 - 00186 Roma
Tel. +39 06 6873327 - +39 06 6873694/5  •  •  •

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