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Grazia Deledda's is on soccer pitch with A.S.D. Tuttavista

13 Gennaio 2021
Grazia Deledda's is on soccer pitch with A.S.D. Tuttavista Foto: Franco Solinas Franco Solinas
Tthree years earlier everything had stopped, a serious project was carried out focused on sport and social aspects. by Franco Solinas

translated by Pietro Patrizi

In Galtellì, a village in the lower Baronia in central-eastern Sardinia, the historic colors of the Tuttavista football team, named after the mountain of the same name which, like a guardian, watches over the village of Grazia Deledda's Canne al vento and the playing field, have always been white and the Red.

The first team of the Tuttavista was formed in 1970 and remains active until today except for a brief period in 2017, a year of pause in which it does not participate in the amateur regional championships and the sports club is dissolved, while self-managed by the parents they continue the activity of three youth teams.

In 2018 a group of friends decided to take over the fate of Galtellinese football with a renewed management. The recent sports club and new corporate offices are founded which carry out an innovative revival project animated by strong enthusiasm in the country with constantly growing numbers.

In just three years, in addition to the first team, the entire youth sector trains, reaching a total of about 120 members and a close-knit and numerous management team of about 20 members. The company, headed by a president without a portfolio, is supported by sponsors, volunteers, and contributions from private individuals, which has always been known for a good football tradition, and aims to work hard in the youth sector, to help children of the community grow within the healthier and cleaner culture of football and with the intention of achieving the highest possible goals and regaining the position in the first category.

The renewed enthusiasm is fueled also thanks to the improvement of the reformed sports facility with the construction of the headquarters, the covered stands and made more modern thanks to the synthetic turf surface that was expected for several decades, an achievement that, with particular impulse, has given new vigor to the team actively followed by the town both at home and away.

The recently established company likes to think that from the ashes of the sporting sentiment for the local team the phoenix of a new Tuttavista has risen. Where three years earlier everything had stopped, a serious project has been carried out and carried out that contemplates the sporting aspects above all the social ones.

Reconstituting the first team that now plays in the Seconda Categoria (the eight level of the pyramid) was important and seeing them win victories thanks to 80% of local players repays the efforts of the company with pride and satisfaction, but even more important was the spontaneous creation of a healthy environment in which the numbers grow steadily. Today 90 young people participate in the youth sector, touching all age groups, which start from little friends to juniors, and finally the first team that confirms and satisfies the efforts put in place so far and only arrested by the obligatory stop for the pandemic, which is configured as a pause from which the players and managers hope to recover as soon as possible, to carry on the project of the new Tuttavista.

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